Responsibility to Leadership not Ideology

Leadership does not entail organizing the body politic towards an ideology.   Responsibility, not ideology, must become the core function of leadership Primarily, leadership holds the responsibility to determine the highest level overview and then guide its own actions towards that overview.   Leadership has the secondarily important responsibility to people, not as individuals or groups but, as a whole […]


Propagandists understand that individual behavior, value systems, and belief systems can be programmed and sculpted to an objective at will.   Through technologically tailored feedback and reinforcement, synergistic entities-“industries” ubiquitously sell-deploy actual, proverbial, and virtual bobbleheads to human bobbleheads. Sneakers, bobbleheads-collectibles, political bias, social validation, gender revisionism, self-worth, “the Brooklyn Bridge”  can be sold without a “Necessary or Desirable” […]

Resurrecting Veblen

In 1919 Veblen an early economist, a qualitative economist,  described how societies are resistantly-slow to acknowledge “era-driven” change.  “Things which, under the ancient canons of knowledge, have habitually been regarded as known facts, will under altered circumstances prove themselves by experience to have only a supposititious reality.” In his time, Veblen understood the emergence of a […]

The Internet Mind Trick

The Internet,  a communications and propaganda nexus,  has economic value because it has become a ubiquitous media that can be leveraged to influence and control the weak minded.       Are you weak minded?    

Right Against Wrong and Good Against Evil

Delusions frequently distill into the fictional extreme and absurdity of right against wrong and good against evil.      Delusions spread virally like a disease, unify opinions and actions,  and they frequently become adversarially entangled in a conflict with competing delusions.     Delusion has the tendency to create barriers to logic, clarity, observation, fact, reality, and pragmatism.  […]

Nomenklatura, Fan-Boys, and Screamers

The United States has developed an incestuous and entrenched bureaucratic caste which has a direct analog to the defunct Soviet Nomenklatura.    People within this privileged group delusionally think they are in charge of the country-world and they definitely and falsely believe they are entitled by their birth to enjoy great expectations and to accrue outsized power and wealth. The […]


The Anthropocene era started with the invention and later refinement of the Steam Engine.  The Steam Engine was the first step in enabling mankind to access and leverage huge amounts of densely sequestered potential energy.    Releasing all this stored potential energy, in a relatively short time,  had the societal effect of supercharging human activity, technology, mobility, […]

The Process

Many of the people I have been running into during my day to day activities have expressed to me that they are following a process of some kind.   These folks are following rules or procedures designed by corporations and governments to mechanize and standardize the way daily business interactions are conducted. Simplification of complexity in […]


This blog talks about the interrelationship between popular delusion, the failure of our current system of governance, and the habitability risk to our planet (the”earth-system).”      It’s easy to pick out historical examples of failed empires, failed governance,  destructive trajectories, geopolitical squabbling, insane ideas, mistaken perceptions, erroneous belief systems, ideological fallacies,  errant leadership, and defective […]