Our Government does not and Cannot Govern

Like other formal governmental systems worldwide, the 90,157+ public sector entities present in the United States are not organized to understand the overview and to manage objectives towards either reality or an ideal.

A modern system of governance needs to organize not to ideologies but instead to reality.

Our existing form of governance is a failure from any and all directions.   It blocks citizens from self-organizing their own productive activities.   Having many powerful but disjointed bureaucracies assures that any pursuit of change or pragmatic action will be blocked, impeded, or discouraged.    It siphons economic activity away from productive elements of the economy in favor of unproductive endeavors, inside dealing, and systemic looting.  These anachronistic and bureaucratic government entities layer onto themselves over time, both in number, turf, and dysfunction.   The amalgam of all these entities lack the scalar, scientific, technical, objective, and factual pragmatism necessary to assess reality, make plans and adjust those plans where needed.

In the micro sense, an advanced and technical system of governance would recognize that human beings require the latitude, incentive, and freedom to self-organize where possible. Alternately, in the macro sense, a modern system of governance would survey the current condition of the “earth-system”  and plot an action path that would assure the protection of that system and mankind’s continuity.     A functional system of governance would seek to reconcile personal and systemic needs by combining elements of command while encouraging personal initiative and latitude.

Such a system would adjust its trajectory in relation to how well or poorly it meets the primarily important and critical mission of assuring the continuity of mankind.  The protection of personal initiative, innovation, freedom, and liberty do not run counter to the pragmatism of scientific governance and management.    As human beings, and in contrast to the current trajectory,  our survival depends on building a system of governance that can actually govern.