Data-Driven Propaganda

Data-driven propaganda now plays a dominant role in controlling, shaping, and locking in value, value systems, and beliefs.   Oligarchical control of ideas and information dictates perception in a top-down process rather than through individual or organic human-thinking-reasoning activity.

In the industrial age, products were rolled out to consumers en masse.   Consumers would then have the follow-on ability to value these mass-produced products as they saw fit.   In the Anthropocene, the ability to manipulate the citizenry by creating propaganda and feeding back bias has become the product.

Instead of being demand driven,  the mass production of ideas concentrates wealth and societal control on the supply side.    The idea of what has value and who has value can be pushed on large segments of the total population.  Consumers are pushed into false choices and hold false beliefs,  in a small set of simplified but diametrically opposed propaganda points.

An entire populace has become so propagandized that the finding of fact and reality has become a subjective exercise in futility.    A society cannot function within the context of alternate facts and systemic lying.

The individuals and organizations promulgating and pushing all this data-driven propaganda are equally as entrapped in a feedback loop of lies and falsehoods.   We are witnessing a window closing not only on reality but also on the ability to recover to a realistic and objective view of the world.     Can a society function without a grounding in reality?