This blog talks about the interrelationship between popular delusion, the failure of our current system of governance, and the habitability risk to our planet (the”earth-system).”      It’s easy to pick out historical examples of failed empires, failed governance,  destructive trajectories, geopolitical squabbling, insane ideas, mistaken perceptions, erroneous belief systems, ideological fallacies,  errant leadership, and defective cultures.

So what has changed about the human condition

The technologically driven mass production of mass delusion aside, I believe that several things are different today than they were throughout history;  First, everyone has become so specialized in their outlook that even the “Inteligencia” have absolutely no grip on the overview or even reality.  Secondly, the continuity of mankind itself represents the greatest (yet ignored) overview concern that we share collectively.  

Technology has mass produced and thus amplified, a new wave of magical thinking in the form identity politics, meme’s,  and other conventions in which people seek to define reality to arbitrary social constructs of their choosing.   We are more delusional about reality and fact than ever with magical thinking drowning out any possibility whatsoever that critical thinking may/can take hold.   We have simplified our complex systems into specialized tasks without anyone understanding how all the cogs fit together.  We have integrated our society to perfection thereby reaching the endpoint point where even small attempts to course correct errant human activity scratches the veneer of the total system by disclosing how fragile our systems really are.

 and what if anything can we do about it?

  1. Mass Delusion cannot be addressed
  2. The earth-system might be too far gone to remediate.  Decades of widespread environmental degradation has resulted in a condition which will drive human beings to either adjust to the changes we caused or perish.  It’s very unlikely that mankind has the capacity to remediate the cumulative damage done to our own environment and the earth-system.
  3. The only thing we have the ability to change is governance, governance being how we organize ourselves, our economy, our value systems, our leadership,  and our cultural beliefs.    We need to govern in the overview, move our leadership away from specialization towards generalization, be rational to fact and find facts,  and we need to radically dislocate existing systems and conventions of governance towards the goal of finding a sustainable and even livable-habitable longterm outcome for mankind.