Nomenklatura, Fan-Boys, and Screamers

The United States has developed an incestuous and entrenched bureaucratic caste which has a direct analog to the defunct Soviet Nomenklatura.    People within this privileged group delusionally think they are in charge of the country-world and they definitely and falsely believe they are entitled by their birth to enjoy great expectations and to accrue outsized power and wealth.

The resumes of the Nomenklatura are relatively uniform and thus read something like this;

  • scion of a politician, philanthropist,  or businessman
  • was educated in private preparatory day school
  • developed a network of useful “friendships” via sleep-away camp and the county club
  • blessed the halls of an ivy league university
  • obtained an advanced law or business degree
  • networked with elder friends of the family  
  • glided into positions of stature and standing 
  • equipped to genetically transfer their silver spoon, name, wealth, and pedigree to their progeny in proper feudal form
  • accrued, rinsed, and repeated;
    • no empathy or understanding required
    • responsibility taking need not apply
    • critical thinking discouraged
    • real-world activity frowned upon

It’s becoming evident that many public figures within the Nomenklatura are starting to acknowledge that they are under direct assault and they don’t know why, which way to run, or what to do about it.

In the past, the Nomenklatura could quietly hide behind political proxies, figureheads or dupes, or by falsely advertising themselves as progressive agents of “hope and change.” Concurrently these charlatans would whip up up a slew of fictional-binary divide and conquer issues in offsetting proportions thereby enjoying a cloud cover of political polarization.     With truth being supplanted by the lies of population control,  divide and conquer strategies have naturally added to a growing amount of confusion and an increase in anger.    Events and outcomes have become far less predictable and people are far less controllable.

The new knee-jerk reaction to all this anger has been to try to manage the misinformation flow by shutting down any grousing perceived to be an immediate danger to the status quo.    My guess is that censorship will generate more anger than it will shelter.

We might be approaching a political “let them eat cake moment” with multiple scrums of angry and totally ignorant hoi polloi ready to begin raping, pillaging, and burning at a moments notice.     Insane legions of Fan-Boys, Intellectual Yet Idiots, Social Justice Warriors,  Talking Heads,  Transgenders, Violated Vaginas, Hashtags, Twits, Zealots, Conspiracy Nuts, Affinity Mongers, Socialists, Mill-idiots (millennial idiots), “Deplorables,” and other assorted riff-raff are making noise because they are “feeling the burn.”

To the rightfully insecure Nomenklatura, all this grousing might indicate that the guillotine might be lurking somewhere in the background behind a random but assured inflection point.  The process of truth-finding from a fantasy state to realization will be more than uncomfortable for the Nomenklatura and larger population alike it will be a deadly process.

Q: What can I do about it?

A: Tune out to tune in.   

  • Let the mobs run their course,
    • don’t be part of the mob
    • mobs are even more delusional then are the Nomenklatura
  • Unlike the Nomenklatura be empathetic to others
  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Hope that we live long enough live through the process of realization and uncertainty
  • Replace unproductive bureaucracy and personal entitlement with computer systems and pragmatism

Break it Down

  • the Nomenklatura are mistaken that they are in charge of the country-world
  • public figures within the Nomenklatura are under direct assault
  • events and outcomes have become far less predictable and people are far less controllable
  • in the background resides an assured inflection point
  • realization will be a deadly and painful process for everyone