Right Against Wrong and Good Against Evil

Delusions frequently distill into the fictional extreme and absurdity of right against wrong and good against evil.      Delusions spread virally like a disease, unify opinions and actions,  and they frequently become adversarially entangled in a conflict with competing delusions.     Delusion has the tendency to create barriers to logic, clarity, observation, fact, reality, and pragmatism.   Delusional thinking exists in human nature as a mechanism for rationalizing complexity.

Complexity dictates that sometimes no solutions exist or are correct, diametrically opposed perspectives can be correct in total or in degrees,  an understanding can sometimes or never be envisioned, and/or there can be adverse and painful consequences in pursuing any pragmatic path.

Pandering to delusion has become a politically attractive strategy for managing failure because the “right side” can blame the “wrong side” for the degradation we see in the quality of life that the “earth-system” can provide as organized.    Pragmatism has it that we need to shed competing delusions,  take inventory, find the fact, apply multipliers,  make decisions to uncertainty and complexity, and work to improve our situation for ourselves and our future.