Right Against Wrong and Good Against Evil

Delusions frequently distill into the fictional extreme and absurdity of right against wrong and good against evil.      Delusions spread virally like a disease, unify opinions and actions,  and they frequently become adversarially entangled in a conflict with competing delusions.     Delusion has the tendency to create barriers to logic, clarity, observation, fact, reality, and pragmatism.  […]


The Anthropocene era started with the invention and later refinement of the Steam Engine.  The Steam Engine was the first step in enabling mankind to access and leverage huge amounts of densely sequestered potential energy.    Releasing all this stored potential energy, in a relatively short time,  had the societal effect of supercharging human activity, technology, mobility, […]


This blog talks about the interrelationship between popular delusion, the failure of our current system of governance, and the habitability risk to our planet (the”earth-system).”      It’s easy to pick out historical examples of failed empires, failed governance,  destructive trajectories, geopolitical squabbling, insane ideas, mistaken perceptions, erroneous belief systems, ideological fallacies,  errant leadership, and defective […]

Anthropocene Trajectories

“The mathematical models for the future of the planet have three trajectories. One is a massive die-off,  the second is complete collapse and extinction, the third is a dramatic reconfiguration of human society.” Paraphrase from: Chris Hedges “Saying Goodbye to Planet Earth”